Omenserve & Autoget Downloads and Help Files

Omenserve & Autoget Downloads and Help Files

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Both Omenserv & AutoGet are no longer supported by Tipi and will not be updated. However you can download the last versions here.

Omenserve v2.71
OmenServe is a file-sharing script for mIRC. It is the most common listserver (aka @find) script, used by over 90% of all IRC List Servers.

OmenServe is the easiest file-sharing script available to mIRC users. Setup of the script is simple and straightforward.

Some of the features of OmenServe are:
* Multiple serving lists
* Multiple network connections
* OS-Limits - limiting files served
* Top-List of files served
* Global Slots
* Fast list creation, with optional audio and video info in the list
* Low CPU use

Omenserve works with XP, Vista & Windows 7. It does not work well with newer versions of mIRC, mIRC v6.35 is the last recommended version for use with Omenserve.

Help documents :-
Omenserve Installation
Omenserve New User Instructions

AutoGet v7.40b4
AutoGet is an addon script for mIRC designed to make the entire process of downloading and organizing files from IRC much easier. The big idea here is that you can use AutoGet to keep all your downloaded file lists in a database, search that database, take files from that database and put it in your download list for AutoGet to download and much much more.

Instead of separately searching for a file in multiple channels, you just type in what you are looking for once and AutoGet will take it from there. Placing all your search results in a clean dialog interface. Now instead of cutting and pasting individual search results from message windows and pasting them back into the channel, you just double-click the file you want in AutoGet.

AutoGet 7 has issues with Windows Vista & Windows 7, it will mostly work but does crash mIRC at times due to the DLL's used for the interface.

AutoGet v6.1

AutoGet 6.1 doesn't have the visual interface contained in AutoGet 7 and will work just fine in Windows Vista & Windows 7, although it's a little more cumbersome than Autoget 7.

Again mIRC v6.35 is the last recommended version for use with both Omenserve and AutoGet.

Help Documents :-

Help documents can be found HERE

Omenserve v2.71 Setup please note that there is a false positive malware report for OSLoader.exe
AutoGet v7.40b4
AutoGet v6.1
mIRC v6.35

Setting Up Omenserve 2.71

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